Three-layer shuttering panel
Formwork H20 Timber Beam (Wood Girder)
Pine plywood
Softwood Scaffold Panel(Pine LVL scaffolding Plank)
H20 beam
3-ply shuttering panel
Three Ply Fir Panel
H20 Beam
3-ply shuttering panel
H20 Timber Beam
Film Faced Plywood

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Softwood Scaffold Panel(Pine LVL scaffolding Plank)
Material: Pine
Laminated Veneer Lumber
WBP glue (Top quality 100% Phenolic Resin)
dimension: 20-100mm x 100-1250mm x 1000-4000mm.
For exterior construction use, as scaffolding.
For 3000x300x40mm, put force equals to 113kgs in the middle of the plank, the warp can not be more than 5cm.
For pine grain does not have a good appearance, but the physical performance is excellent.

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