Three-layer shuttering panel
Formwork H20 Timber Beam (Wood Girder)
Pine plywood
Softwood Scaffold Panel(Pine LVL scaffolding Plank)
H20 beam
3-ply shuttering panel
Three Ply Fir Panel
H20 Beam
3-ply shuttering panel
H20 Timber Beam
Film Faced Plywood

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Ubest Wood Co., Ltd. founded in 1995, as a professional lumber processing manufacturer, most is concrete products (for construction), our product line mainly includes 3-ply shuttering panel, Pine plywood panels, Pine LVL, H20 beam, etc.. Especially for 3-ply shuttering panel, we are one of the most professional and biggest suppliers in China.

Based on qualified experience and quality-quality-guaranteed products and reasonable price,the company has established long-term relationship with customers from Spain,Italy,Germany,Potugal,Cyprus,France,Austria,Argentina and Croatia etc.

The following items is what we have supplied to customers

1) 3-ply shuttering panel for construction (Europe), 3-ply wood panels,forklift panels,triply plywood formwork,three ply shuttering panels and shuttering panels for construction. 

2) 3-ply shuttering panels, 3-ply wood panels, Pine Plywood Panels, Pine panels , forklift panels

3) 3-ply shuttering panels,3-ply wood panels, three ply shuttering panels,Radiation pine plywood-for construction (Europe, Japan) forklift panels

4) H20 Beam, Pine LVL plywood (for construction, springboard)

Should you need any further information of three ply shuttering panels, please contact us any time and we will try to reach your requirements.

We are sincerely looking forward to establishing new business relationship with you in the near future.

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